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JHAP Gear Designs Official 2017 Magec Gang Summit Shirt

JHAP Gear has created the official shirt for the 2017 MAGEC Gang Summit. This event is open to law enforcement only and closed to the public. JHAP Gear will also be at the MAGEC Gang Summit 2017! Our JHAP Gear shirts are available online now and will be on full display at this Summit. The shirt is on sale now for only $19.99!

Here is your opportunity to own the official T-shirt of the 2017 MAGEC Regional Gang Summit in Fresno, California, This black shirt features a white skull on the front left chest with a single blue line. The back of the shirt displays our JHAP thin blue line flag with the phrase "Honoring the Fallen" and "MAGEC Regional Gang Conference 2017" in white.

Half of all proceeds from the sales of this shirt will be donated to the Fresno County Peace Officer Memorial Foundation in Fresno, California.

Official 2017 MAGEC Regional Gang Summit Shirt

The MAGEC Regional Gang Summit is a free training event for local law enforcement officers. Show your appreciation with the purchase of this shirt and the donation to the Fresno County Peace Officer Memorial Foundation.

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